The Kiss – She

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The mountains were running behind at the speed of the rented Peugeot 308 heading towards Milan. Hundred of thoughts were intertwining into her still half asleep consciousness: from the last meeting of the working group in Borchette (the infamous conference centre of the European Commission in Brussels) to their conversation in the lobby of the hotel that first night, all mixed with the feeling still fresh of his lips against hers.

She could still not explain what possessed her to approach him with that cliche phrase ‘apparently we have met before’ – it sounded strangely true though…as if it was a memory from a forgotten past life coming back to haunt her for whatever reason…A past life dedicated to lust and pleasure, red interiors behind closed doors…a life where a man was a client to serve and a master to please…

He had been a perfect english gentlemen, polite, intelligent, funny and very shy at the same time. His timid attempts to touch her body during the conversation left no doubt about his interest, even when they were always accompanied by a smile and a funny almost brutally honest justification of the gesture … but  at the same time they lifted some of the glow of mystery that makes a first half date so exciting… and still, once everyone had left and the lights had been switched off he had casually kissed her on both cheeks and wished her the most gracious good night…’Men are definitely coming from another planet’…she thought staring through the window of the speeding car…

How far away it all seamed from the agitated life of Brussels, with its never ending Summits blocking the whole traffic and turning a simple action as crossing the street into a half an hour Odyssey…only Ulysses was not wearing uncomfortable blue high hill boots and was not running late for the first meeting with his newly appointed boss! One more day and instead of the poorly ventilated meeting rooms she would have snow on the top of the mountains and the high sky of Italy…

But for now she was going back to all this, the traffic, the rain, the unfinished tasks at the office…

And yet…she had a warm feeling in her chest…the kiss…with all its complicated chemistry of lust and repulsion…the abnormally fast heart beat…the soft lips touching and detaching in a scared dance, searching each other again and again…and the acute sensation that nothing else will ever matter in the world again.


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