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We have time for everything.

We have time to sleep, to wonder around

to regret our mistakes and to make new ones

to judge  others and to absolve ourselves

We have time to read and write

to correct what we have written, to regret what we have written

We have time to make plans and to disrespect them

We have time to dream and to give up on them later on.

We have time for ambition and illness,

to blame destiny and the situations of life

We have time to watch the clouds, commercials or  to linger over facts of life

we have time to disregard questions and to postpone answers,

we have time to brake a dream and to reinvent it afterwards

we have time to make friends and lose them,

we have time to learn lessons and to forget them later

we have time to receive gifts without understanding their significance.

We have time for everything

Except for a little bit of affection.

We die before we managed to show some affection.

I learned a few things in life that I would like to share with you!

I learnt that you cannot make somebody love you

All you can do is to be a lovable person.

The rest depends on others.

I learnt that no matter how much I care

the others might not care.

I learnt that it takes years to earn trust

and only a few seconds to lose it.

I learnt that it does not matter WHAT you have in life

but WHO you have in your life.

I learnt that charm is good and usefull for around about 15 minutes

afterwords, it is better you are also knowledgeable.

I learnt that you should not compare yourself with what others can do better

but with what you can do yourself.

I learnt that it is not what happens to people that matters

but what I can do to help with their situation that does.

I learnt that no matter how you split

all things have always two sides.

I learnt that you should always depart from loved ones with kind words

As it might be the last time when you see them.

I learnt that you can continue for a long time

After you said you couldn’t do it anymore.

I learnt that the peole who do what is needed at the time it is needed despite the consequences

Are the real HEROES.

I learnt there are people who love you

but they do not know how to show it.
I learnt that when I am upset I have the right to be upset

but not the right to be mean.

I learnt that true friendship can withstand distance

The same is true for real love.

I learnt that if somebody does not love you the way you would like them to

it does not mean that they do not love you with all their heart.

I learnt that no matter how good a friend you have

he will still hurt you from time to time

and you need to forgive hime for that.

I learnt that  it is not always enough to be forgiven by others

sometimes you need to learn to forgive yourself.

I learnt that no matter how much you suffer

the world will not stop for your pain.

I learnt that your past and circumstances might influence your personality

but YOU are the only one responsible for what you become as a person.

I learnt that when two people fight does not mean they do not love each other

and that if they do not fight, this does not prove they love each other either.

I learnt that sometimes you must think more about the person

and less about his deeds.

I learnt that two people could look at the same thing

and see two totally different things.

I learnt that people who are honest with themselves

no matter the consequences, do better in life.

I learnt that your life can be changed in a matter of hours

by people who don’t even know your name.

I learnt that when you think you have nothing left to give

You will still find the energy to help a friend in need.

I learnt that writing just as much as talking

can calm the passions of the soul.

I learnt that the people that you love the most

are taken away from you too early…

I learnt that it is very difficult to know how to draw the line in between

being nice, not hurting people and remaining truthful to yourself.

I learnt to love

so I can be loved in return.

(by Octavian Paler

translated from Romanian by d.)

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