The School for Gods

„Maintain your inner freedom. Stop being reactive! Reacting to the world means becoming a victim of it… Those who ‘expect’ from the world have already lost. The biggest secret is knowing that the entire world is at your service in

How To Find Your True Way In 5 Minutes

Do you feel lost? Do you feel you are continuing on a pathway that does not make you completely happy? Are you still looking for yourself? You do not know what you really want and which direction you shoud go?

We have time…

We have time for everything. We have time to sleep, to wonder around to regret our mistakes and to make new ones to judge  others and to absolve ourselves We have time to read and write to correct what we

Coffee With Love

She used to wake up with a coffee offered to her in bed together with the most charming, sympathetic smile of all that seamed to say :’yes…it is difficult to be you! It is difficult to wake up every day

The Kiss – He

Active listening is not only the correct interjector of the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the appropriate time or nodding and shaking one’s head when in agreement or not, it’s also about how you observe a person when they are